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Why Us for Electricity, Gas, and Renewable Energy?
Sustainable StarTM is a national provider of gas and electricity in competitive markets in the USA. Sustainable Star partners with one of the largest generators and providers of energy services in the United States to deliver reliable cost competitive power. The company also offers an integrated portfolio of services that lead to strategic energy management including reduced expenses, active management of power consumption, and integration of renewable energy systems such as solar.

Simply stated, Sustainable Star helps clients to lower energy expenses, reduce carbon footprint, and support social responsibility with sustainable energy practices.

Sustainable Star serves international markets with solar energy services.

Sustainable Star also builds extraordinary homes with an emphasis on energy conservation. Long before the world's focus on 'green', the company's founders were leveraging green practices and have always emphasized energy efficiency and conservation.

Sustainable Star and its associates hold several certifications and licenses, including LEED AP, P.E. Class A Contractors' license, Classification CIC (commercial) and Classification BLD (residential).

Sustainable Star is a certified Minority Business Enterprise, (MBE).